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Connect mobile Streamlabs to Restream
Connect mobile Streamlabs to Restream

Learn how to set Streamlabs with Restream on your phone.

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Streamlabs Mobile is a user-friendly app for live streaming from your phone or tablet.

How to set up mobile Streamlabs with Restream

  1. Download Streamlabs for Android or iOS.

  2. Start the application and choose Custom RTMP.

  3. Go to your Restream Dashboard and copy your RTMP URL and Stream Key.

  4. Return to Streamlabs and paste those details into the URL and Stream Key fields, then click Save.

    • In the Name field, you can put "Restream" or any other identifying name you'd like. This is optional.

  5. Click GO LIVE.

  6. Choose whether you want to stream your camera or a screenshare then click Next.

  7. Under the Select a platform menu, choose Custom RTMP Server.

  8. Enter a title for your stream, and a description (optional).

  9. Click GO LIVE.


  • You can stream using any settings you'd like, but we recommend following the guidelines of your platforms.


Can I embed Restream Chat on my mobile stream?

Yes, you can.

  1. Open your Settings and click on Scenes.

  2. Create a new Scene or open an existing one.

  3. Click Layers then click the + plus sign.

  4. Click Add a custom item.

  5. Click Add URL.

  6. Copy your embed chat link from Restream, paste it into the URL field on Streamlabs, then click Add.

Monitoring your stream

Once you've initiated your broadcast via Streamlabs, visit your Encoder page on Restream. Here, you can oversee your stream's performance, manage the channels you're streaming to, and keep an eye on viewer counts.

💡 Streamlabs also provides a desktop version, allowing you to start live streams from your computer.

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