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Connect Wirecast Go to Restream

Learn how to set up and use Wirecast Go with Restream.

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Wirecast Go is a mobile app that empowers content creators to produce and stream live video broadcasts directly from their iOS devices.

How to connect Wirecast Go to Restream

  1. Download Wirecast Go on your iOS device.

  2. Click the red button to open your Broadcasts menu.

  3. Select Add New Server.

  4. Go to your Restream Dashboard and copy your RTMP URL and Stream Key.

  5. Return to Wirecast Go and paste those details into the URL and Stream Name/Key fields, then click Add.

  6. Start streaming.


  • Wirecast Go is only available for iOS devices.

  • You must pay for Wirecast Go in order to access streaming to RTMP servers.

  • You can stream using any settings you'd like, but we recommend following the guidelines of your platforms.

Monitoring your stream

Once you've initiated your broadcast via Wirecast Go, visit your Encoder page on Restream. Here, you can oversee your stream's performance, manage the channels you're streaming to, and keep an eye on viewer counts.

💡 Start streaming directly from your phone's browser, no downloads required.

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