In order to stream to Restream with a mobile phone (mobile device), you need to use an application that supports "RTMP server" to be able to push your stream to Restream.

Streamlabs - is an Android and iOS application that allows you to stream using " Custom RTMP server" so it is easily compatible with our platform.

Setting up Streamlabs mobile app with Restream

1. Start the application on your phone and chose Login with Custom RTMP.

2. Go to your Restream Dashboard and copy your RTMP link.

3. Insert your Restream link and key in your Streamlabs and hit Save.

4. Go to the streaming settings.

5. You will be able to set up bitrate, resolution, audio quality, FPS and etc.

6. Once you are finished with settings, go to the Streamlabs main page and press Go live. There will be a pop-up window asking to choose where to stream. Please choose Custom RTMP Server.

7. You will then be able to set stream Title and Description and Go Live!

Note: Do not forget to add and enable all the platforms you want to stream to in your Restream account.

8. You can open your Restream dashboard to see the preview of the stream.

You can also learn how to embed your Restream chat in Streamlabs.

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