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Learn how to add your Steam account to Restream.

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Learn how to broadcast your gameplay live to an audience of other Steam users.

How to connect Steam to Restream

  1. Join the Store Broadcast Beta group under your Steam account. It's required for streaming on Steam.

  2. Click on the setup page to create your RTMP token.

  3. Enter your game's ID into the Broadcast App ID field.

  4. Copy the recommended RTMP link and stream key.

  5. Open Restream's home screen and click the Destinations button.

  6. Click Add Channels and choose Steam.

  7. Paste the URL and stream key from Steam into the fields on Restream, then click Add Channel.

  8. You're ready to stream to Steam - you just need to choose how you'll go live.


  • Steam requires 16:9 resolution (1280x720, 1920x1080).

  • A non-limited account is needed to stream, which Steam defines as an account that has spent at least 5 USD on the Steam store. For more information on these requirements, please check Steam's resources here.

  • Games marked as "Adult-Only" cannot be streamed on the Steam store.

  • If the game app ID you enter on Steam is not owned by your account, the stream will not start.


Why isn't my stream appearing on the Stream store?

Make sure you've enabled public access for viewers on the setup page in order to get your stream to game communities.

Where do I find my game's app ID?

You can see your game's app ID by visiting your game's store page. The app ID is the number located in the URL.

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