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Stream with a capture card

Learn how to set up and use capture cards with Restream.

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Capture your gameplay and stream it. You'll need a capture card, your console, a TV/monitor, your desktop, two HDMI cables, a USB cable, and your streaming software.

How to stream with a capture card

  1. First, select the capture card you'll be using.

    You can check out our partner, Elgato, to explore a variety of capture cards.

  2. Download and install the software your capture card requires.

    This will depend on your manufacturer, so check the instructions for your device.

  3. With an HDMI cable, connect your console's output to your capture card's input.

  4. With a second HDMI cable, connect the capture card's output to your TV/monitor.

  5. Connect the capture card to your desktop with a USB cable.

  6. On streaming software, like OBS, add your capture card as a video capture source.

  7. Start streaming from your software to Restream, and we will send the stream to all of your connected channels.


  • The setup may differ slightly depending on your console and capture card models. Always review your manufacturer's instructions for a successful setup.

  • For your stream settings, we recommend following the guidelines of your platforms.

💡 Did you know you can stream your PS gameplay without a capture card?

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