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Before You Go Live
Go live with streaming software
Go live with streaming software

Set up your favorite encoder to stream with Restream.

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Restream works with most major streaming software, including OBS, Streamlabs, vMix, ATEM, SlingStudio, and more.

How to go live using streaming software

  1. From your home screen, click "Connect to OBS, Zoom..."

  2. Update your stream's title and description.

  3. Connect the channels where you want to broadcast your stream.

  4. Copy the RTMP URL and stream key from Restream.

  5. Paste the details you copied into your streaming software.

  6. Start streaming from your encoder.

  7. Your feed will reach your Restream account and connected channels.


  • We recommend following the guidelines of each platform you intend to stream to.

  • Check your upload speed here to choose your stream quality. You should have 10 Mbps at minimum, while 25 Mbps or higher is recommended for Full HD streams.

  • The stream key under your Encoder page is static unless you choose to reset it.

  • This setup is helpful for instant streams. For scheduled streams with Restream Events, please follow the instructions here and use your event's unique stream key.


Where in my encoder do I set up the RTMP details?

Every encoder's settings are different. However, you'd likely need to look for key words like "stream", "service", "destination", or something along those lines.

Can I use RTMPS instead of RTMP?

Yes, you can follow this guide to set it up.

Can I monitor my stream on Restream?

Yes. Once you've gone live, you can visit your Encoder page to oversee your stream's performance, manage the channels you're streaming to, and keep an eye on viewer counts. You will also be able to use our unified Chat to read and respond to your audience's comments.

What's the difference between an instant and a scheduled stream?

Instant streams are lives you start on the spot, while scheduled streams are tied to Restream Events that are created in advance. You can learn more about scheduled and unscheduled streams here.

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