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Stream Xbox games without a capture card
Stream Xbox games without a capture card

Learn how to set up and use Xbox with Restream without additional equipment.

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Start streaming your gameplay to several platforms, even without a capture card. You'll need the Xbox Remote Play app and streaming software, like OBS or Restream Studio.

How to mirror your Xbox gameplay on a desktop

  1. Download and install the Xbox App for Windows PC.

  2. Launch the Xbox app.

  3. Click on your profile picture and select View profile.

  4. Under Where I play, select the Add a console option and follow the steps shown.

  5. Your Xbox gameplay will now be available as a window on your desktop.

  6. This window can be used as a source in any encoder, like OBS, or as a screen you share in Studio.


  • For remote play to work, you need to enable the Sleep power option on your Xbox. You can learn more here.

  • The Xbox desktop app is currently only available for Windows, not Mac.

💡 Each streaming destination has its own guidelines—follow them to offer your audience the best possible viewing experience.

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