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Chat doesn't work for my Facebook profile
Chat doesn't work for my Facebook profile

Learn why you can't see Facebook comments and how to fix it.

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Easily resolve Facebook comment visibility issues on Restream Chat by adjusting your Facebook settings.

Why am I not receiving comments from the stream on my Facebook personal profile?

Restream Chat can only receive comments for public streams. If you're not receiving comments, you may be set to Friends Only or Only Me instead.

When adding your Facebook profile, set its visibility to Public or adjust your settings if it's already added.

How can I make all streams public when adding my Facebook profile?

  1. On the authorization screen, select Public instead of Friends.

  2. Click the Continue button to complete the authorization.

How can I make all future streams public if I did not do it initially?

  1. On Facebook, go to your business integrations settings.

  2. Click View and edit next to

  3. On the next screen, scroll to Who can see you use this business integration? and select Public, then click Save.

What can I do if my current stream is not public?

  1. Go to your stream on Facebook.

  2. Click the Privacy icon for the post, then change it to Public

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Click the "Need Help?" button at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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