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Make Your Facebook Profile Streams Public
Make Your Facebook Profile Streams Public
Learn why you can't see comments from your Facebook profile stream and make your stream public.
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Why am I not receiving comments from the stream on my Facebook personal profile?

Restream Chat can receive comments only for public streams!

When you're connecting Restream to your profile, Facebook is trying to set the privacy to friends-only by default.

If you're not receiving comments, you need to make sure to set this option to "Public" when adding your Facebook profile and granting the relevant permissions to the application. Follow the steps below for a quick fix!

We will examine 3 possibilities:

How can I make all streams public when adding my Facebook profile?

  1. On the authorization screen click on the dropdown that says "Friends".

Restream Facebook Authorization

2. Choose "Public" from the list.

Facebook Public Settings

3. Click on "OK" to save changes. 

Facebook Restream Permissions

Your streams will now appear as public on your Facebook profile. You can check out the detailed connection guide down below. 

How can I make all future streams public if I did not do it initially?

To make all your future streams to Facebook public you need to:

1. Go to your Business integrations settings on Facebook and click "View and edit" for Streaming. 

Facebook Business Integrations

2. On the next screen, scroll down and look for the section about visibility and post audience setting. Select "Public", then click Save. 

Facebook Business Integration Public

From now on when you stream to your profile, viewer comments will show up on your Restream Chat.

You can learn more about Restream chat capabilities at the link below.

What can I do if my current stream is not public?

If you’re live right now and not seeing viewer comments, you’ll need to make the stream public:

  1. Find your stream on Facebook. You can simply click on your Facebook channel at main dashboard to be redirected to your stream on Facebook. 

  2. Click the Privacy icon for your stream, then change it to Public

Facebook Public Stream

From now on your viewers' comments should start appearing on Your Restream Chat.

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