What is Traceroute?

Traceroute and Tracert are computer network diagnostic commands for displaying the route (path) and measuring transit delays of packets across an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

Basically, this test is checking the routing of your connection to Restream.io servers. So it determines how long does it take for an Internet signal to reach a Restream server and how many changes it does on its way from your ISP provider. In other words, this is the test of an outgoing Internet signal. Poor routing and server connection may cause your LIVE streams to appear choppy and lagging, as well as completely losing signal at times.

How to conduct Tracert test with Restream?

In order to conduct this test, follow the steps below for the specific Restream Server you are using, you can always use live.restream.io or the name of the specific server like dallas.restream.io if you know which one you are actually connecting to. 

You can find the list of all servers in your main Restream Dashboard under the preview player.

Follow the steps 

On Windows:

  • Press Win+R

  • Type: cmd

  • Press Enter

  • Input: tracert live.restream.io (or the specific server)

  • Press Enter.

  • Wait for results and make a screenshot.

On Mac:

  • Launch Terminal. 

  • Type traceroute live.restream.io (or the specific server instead of live.restream.io) and press Enter.

  • Wait for results and make a screenshot.

You will see the number of so-called hops (changes) your signal does on the way before getting to our server, the lower that amount - the better. Any * symbols mean that server on the way is not responding and your signal may have to look for another way to this will most of the of time will cause the issues with your stream connection and will lead to random disconnects.  

If the Trcert confirms you are having issues with the internal signal you need:

  • Contact your Internet service provider to confirm they are not working on the lines and ask them to improve the connection to a certain Restream server. 

  • Decrease bitrate of your stream until the stream is sustainable.

  • Make sure to use a hardwired connection if possible.

  • Restart and reset up your router if needed

  • Look for alternative ISP if the issues constantly persist and confirmed by the tracert. 

  • Contact our 24/7 live chat support with all the data you have gathered for additional help and assistance.

Tip: You can also check our Restream Events service for streaming pre-recorded content. With Restream Events your prerecorded videos can be streamed LIVE without the need for you to do it. 

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