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Set up a backup stream

Keep your live events fail-safe and feel confident during the most important streams.

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The backup stream automatically switches between your main and backup live video feed to prevent interruptions, ensuring worry-free streaming for high-stakes events.

How to set up a Backup Stream

  1. From your home screen, click "Connect to OBS, Zoom..."

  2. Click Add backup stream under the area displaying your RTMP details.

  3. You'll have two identical RTMP URLs and two different streaming keys:

    1. Primary stream 1 is your main source.

    2. Backup stream 2 is your emergency "fallback" source.

  4. Set up two separate encoders - the first streaming to Primary, the other to Backup.

    Select "Custom" service in your stream settings to use the exact RTMP URL provided by Restream

  5. After setting up both encoders, start streaming.

  6. If your main source fails, the system will seamlessly switch to the backup


  • This feature is available to specific paid plans. You can read more here.

  • This setup requires two distinct encoders.

  • Two separate network connections are recommended to prevent complete feed failure if one connection goes down.

  • If the primary source recovers, we will not switch back to it unless the backup source disconnects.


Does the backup stream work with scheduled events, too?

The backup stream is fully compatible with Restream Events.

Events have a unique stream key that you can find under the "Backup Stream" section of your event's RTMP settings. The rest of the steps remain as shown above.

How can I make the switch as natural as possible?

On our side, the transition will be seamless.

On your side, we recommend setting up identical streams for both encoders. This means the camera angle and overall feed in the backup source should closely resemble the original.

Can I have a backup stream in Studio?

The backup feature is designed for streams done with third-party encoders.

Can I use a server region of my choice when using backup?

You can switch your default server selection from auto-detect to a specific region here, which will also update the RTMP URL for the backup links.

It's advisable to use the same region for both primary and backup to avoid network issues.

Can backup support very long streams?

Restream doesn't guarantee that a stream will be live for more than 24 hours, even with the backup feature. If you stream continuously for more than 24 hours, the server you're connected to may undergo maintenance and be restarted. To avoid potential issues, we recommend restarting your stream once every 24 hours.

To stream for more than 24 hours, you can contact our Sales team for a custom plan.

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