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My encoder's audio and video aren't synced
My encoder's audio and video aren't synced

Identify and resolve any issues with audio or video delay and desync in your encoder.

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Lack of sync or delays in your audio and video can be a result of quality issues or software and hardware misconfiguration. Thankfully, it's never too late to fix them.

Check your setup

  1. Confirm the right video and audio devices are selected in your encoder's settings.

  2. Set your audio to the most common AAC audio codec with 44.1 kHz frequency.

    48 kHz may cause sound problems on some devices or services.

  3. If the issue is only present on some streaming services, make sure your audio settings are in line with that particular platform's requirements.

Test a local recording

  1. Try a local recording on your device using your streaming equipment.

  2. If the local recording has sync issues, it means your audio sources, like your microphone or mixer, are not set up correctly or are malfunctioning.

    1. Access your encoder's audio mixer or advanced audio properties and try adjusting the audio sync offset.

    2. Some encoders allow only positive offset, while others allow negative offset too. Try values like 200 and -200 and test which one works best.

    3. Increase or lower the value depending on the result.

  3. If your stream has sync issues but your local recording doesn't, check whether the desync is a result of network or CPU issues. You can follow the steps here.

Do a reset

Try restarting all software and hardware that contribute to your setup, like your laptop, external microphones, or encoder. If the issue is a one-off sync problem, resetting the system will help.

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