Mixcloud is a great service, which is ideal for people, musicians, DJs, concert organizers, who want to share and monetize their musical content. You can stream to YouTube, Facebook, and Mixcloud from one place! It's easy to get started with Restream.

At the moment, Mixcloud is not yet integrated as one of our services, so you will need Restream paid subscription in order to add Mixcloud as a Custom RTMP channel. Learn about the best subscription plan for you here.

How to add Mixcloud channel to Restream

1. Open your Mixcloud live section and click on "Broadcast live".

Important: Keep in mind that in order to be able to stream with Mixcloud you need to have their paid upgraded account, you can't create streams with a free account.

2. You will need to set your broadcast name and confirm it.

3. You will get your RTMP link and stream key, you will need to use those at Restream.io

Tip: You will need to grab a new key each time you create your Mixcloud broadcast and update it at Restream Custom RTMP channel.

4. At your Restream dashboard click "Add channel" and choose "Custom RTMP"

5. Enter your Mixcloud provided RTMP link and key and confirm adding the channel.

6. Now it is ready to go live. Just start your stream from OBS to Restream or from your browser, using Restream Studio. We will automatically send your stream to Mixcloud and any other destination that you have selected in the Restream account.

Tip: Make sure you have selected "Go Live Now" in Mixcloud account in order to make sure that stream goes live

You will see that everything is set up correctly in Restream account when you check your RTMP channel delivery status.

Happy streaming!

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