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Stream to your website

Learn how to embed Restream's video player on your website.

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The Website Video Player allows you to stream directly on your website and reach your viewers and clients at the best place - your home page.

How to set up the website player

  1. First, access your player.

    1. From Restream Studio, click the gear ⚙️ icon and select "<> Embed Stream".

    2. From the Encoder page, click "<> Embed Stream" at the bottom of the screen.

    3. From the Events page, click the "<>" icon on your event card.

  2. Adjust your settings (optional).

    1. Use a universal code for all streams or a unique code for a specific event.

    2. With a general code, you can opt in or out of broadcasting your events.

    3. Choose a responsive or fixed size for your player and adjust it.

    4. Optionally display a viewer counter on your website.

    5. Upload a thumbnail image to show before your stream starts (scheduled events use the event's thumbnail automatically).

  3. Copy the code you see under "Embed URL for website".

  4. Paste it into the HTML of the website page where you want the stream to appear.

  5. Once the code is embedded, the website preview will show an "Offline" message.

  6. When you start streaming, the video will appear on your website.


  • This feature is available on specific paid plans. You can read more here.

  • The website player works with any website that allows HTML.

  • The website player has 20-30 seconds of latency.

  • Chat is not yet supported for the website player.

  • The maximum stream duration using the player is 14 days.

  • The recommended size for thumbnails is 1280x720.

  • The recommended stream settings for the website player are:

    • Bitrate: maximum of 12,000 kbps

    • Keyframe interval: no less than 2 seconds

    • FPS: 30


What's the difference between the two codes I can choose from?

One code for all streams:

  • Static: Set it once on your website and it will always broadcast whatever you stream.

  • Instant streams: Broadcast to the player by default.

  • Scheduled streams: If you toggle on "Allow events," it will also broadcast scheduled streams to your universal player.

Get a code for my event:

  • Unique Code: Connected to a specific Restream Event.

  • Specific event: Only broadcasts the selected event. It won't display any other instant or scheduled events.

Where on my website do I add the code?

Where you add the code on your website depends on where you want it to appear and how your website is built. Your website builder or administrator can help with this customization, as each provider is different.

What will display on the embed when I'm not live?

The embed player will show an "Offline" message until you go live.

To display a thumbnail underneath:

  • For "one code for all streams," upload the thumbnail in your embed settings.

  • For "get a code for my event," we'll use the Restream Event's thumbnail. For scheduled events, the player will also show the expected start time.

Does the viewer counter only display how many are watching on the website?

Yes, the viewer counter only shows the number of concurrent viewers on your website player. It doesn't include viewers from other channels you may be streaming to simultaneously, like Facebook or YouTube.

Can I embed my player in multiple websites?

Yes, you can embed your player on multiple websites. Keep in mind that the viewer limit is counted as one across all sites where the player is embedded.

Are there analytics for the embed player?

The website player doesn't support Analytics currently. However, you can enable the viewer counter setting to display while the player is live.

Can I stream to just my website and no additional platforms?

Yes, Restream offers multistreaming tools to broadcast to multiple destinations simultaneously. However, you can also choose to stream exclusively to your website and not enable any additional channels.

Can viewers rewind the live stream on the player?

Viewers can pause and play the stream, but they cannot rewind.

Does the player default to a specific resolution when watching?

The player defaults to 480p resolution. To adjust the viewing quality, click on the quality setting at the bottom right corner of the player.

Is it possible to unmute the video player by default?

Currently, the player doesn't unmute by default. However, you can easily unmute it by clicking on the audio icon.

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