Stream to Mixcloud

Learn how to connect and broadcast to Mixcloud.

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Easily stream to Mixcloud with Restream to share and monetize your musical content.

Stream to Mixcloud

How to add your Mixcloud channel

  1. Click Create at the top right side of Mixcloud and select Go live.

  2. Fill in your stream details, like your title, description, and tags.

  3. Copy the stream key.

  4. From your Restream home screen, click the Destinations button.

  5. Click Add Channels.

  6. Click Mixcloud.

  7. Paste the stream key you copied from Mixcloud.

  8. Click Add Channel.

  9. Your Mixcloud channel is set up - you just need to choose how you'll go live.


  • You need to have a paid Mixcloud Pro account to stream to Mixcloud.

  • Your stream key is reusable, you'll only need to copy this the first time you go live.

  • Recommended stream settings:

    • Audio quality: 320k

    • Video quality: 720p to 1080p

    • Bitrate: 2500kbps to 3500kbps and CBR, not VBR

    • Frames Per Second: 30fps

    • Visual ratio: 16:9

    • Keyframe interval: 2s

    You can review more of Mixcloud's recommendations on this page.


Can I update my stream title before I go live?

Yes. Your stream key is reusable, but you can update your stream's details before you go live to alternate based on your content. You need to follow the same steps outlined above on Mixcloud every time you want to update your title, description, or tags, but the key doesn't need to be updated on Restream.

Does Mixcloud work with Restream Chat?

At this time, you cannot view or respond to chat comments with Restream Chat but you can check them on Mixcloud directly.

💡 We also offer a video player to help you embed your streams on your website

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