We hope you are enjoying live streams with guests in Restream Studio connecting from multiple locations! We have created this guide to ensure you and your guests have a seamless experience every time you go live.

Studio Guests Recommendations:

As a guest, prior to the broadcasts make sure that you have:

  • A good device, like a desktop or laptop, with an adequate camera and microphone

  • A good internet connection. We recommend using a hardwired Ethernet cable if possible, however, a normal WiFi connection (provided that it's strong) will also work well.

  • Up-to-date browser. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox, as they have proven to work the best. Make sure you have no pending updates in your browser, as it's recommended to use the latest versions.

  • Minimum browser extensions, as some of them may interrupt service and may block the stream.

Tip: We recommend using headphones during the stream, as this helps to minimize external noises and helps to avoid sound loops or echo.

Important: You are welcome to join the stream as a guest from your phone ( iOS or Android). However, if you would like to ensure a seamless experience, it's best to use a laptop/desktop. Also, we recommend avoiding using mobile networks as the main connection, as chances of coverage shortages at any point are higher.

If you are going to the stream from your Android mobile, please use Chrome browser. In iOS, we recommend using Safari.

Joining the stream

We always recommend you testing the stream before going live. When it is time for you to join the stream please follow the below recommendations:

1. The stream host will provide you with a link to join the stream prior to or during the broadcast. Follow the link, which would lead you to the Restream "Guest page".

Tip: We don't require guests to have a Restream account

Invite guest in Restream Studio

2. When on the guests' page you will need to "allow" Restream to access your camera and microphone. The host will get a sound notification when you are connected.

3. Enter your name which will be displayed during the broadcast.

Your guest name in Restream Studio

4. Everything is ready. It's simple as that! Now you are in the waiting room and connected to the host. You will be able to see what is actually going in the stream at the bottom of the guests' page. As soon as the host is ready, they will add you to the stream, and you will see the stream in the main window of the guest page

Tip: You can choose your microphone and camera in the settings if you need to change them during the stream.

Have fun and happy broadcasting!

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