Recommendations for Studio Guests

What are the best practices for hosting guests? Recommendations for guests joining live streams with Restream Studio

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Expecting guests on your next stream? We have created this guide to ensure you and your guests have a seamless experience every time you go live!


Guests will need:

  • A good device, like a desktop or laptop, with an adequate camera and microphone.

  • Guests can also join the stream from a phone with Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS.

  • A good internet connection. We recommend using a hardwired Ethernet cable if possible, or a dedicated Wi-Fi. Avoid using mobile networks as most mobile data networks will throttle the available bandwidth to a low amount.

  • Up-to-date browser. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox, as they have proven to work best. Make sure you have no pending updates in your browser and are using the latest version.

  • Minimum browser extensions, as some of them may interfere with the service and block the stream.

  • We recommend using headphones during the stream to minimize external noises and avoid sound loops or echoes.

How can guests join streams?

  1. The host will provide a link to follow and join the stream before or during the stream.

  2. After you access the link, click the Allow button in the browser prompt to let Restream access your camera and microphone.

  3. Enter the name you want to be displayed during the broadcast, and click on the Join Stream button.

  4. Now you're in the waiting room and connected to the host. You will be able to see what is happening in the stream preview.

    Join Studio as a guest

  5. As soon as the host is ready, they will add your feed to the stream, and you'll see yourself in the main window.

    Join Studio as a Guest
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