Two main issues can occur when streaming to LinkedIn:

  1. The LinkedIn channel doesn't connect at all

  2. The stream connects but displays a black screen on the page instead of the live video.

1. The LinkedIn channel doesn't connect at all

When this occurs, the first thing to check is to make sure you have applied to and been approved by LinkedIn for live streaming to their platform. Live video broadcasting is available for a limited number of members and LinkedIn Pages.

If you didn’t apply, you could do it here:

If you already applied but didn’t receive an email of approval, please share with us your email, LinkedIn page URL that is supposed to be approved, and your Case number (when you apply, you get the email from LinkedIn with your Case number).

Important: the approval for LinkedIn broadcasting only applies to the profile or page you submitted the application for. If you submitted the application for the personal profile on LinkedIn, then you can only stream to the profile. Y3ou will not automatically be approved for the pages as well. The same goes for a page, only the page itself will be approved and not the personal profile. If you need both, you will need to submit an application for each profile or page you wish to be able to stream to.

If you have been approved for streaming to the profile or page you are connecting to, but the stream isn't being successfully connected to LinkedIn, you may not be streaming with the correct settings to LinkedIn.

Please compare your streaming settings to the LinkedIn requirements below:

Duration: Max: 4 Hours

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Resolution: max 1080p

Frame Rate: max 30 fps

Key Frame: every 2 seconds (60 frames)

Bitrate: max 6 Mbps video; max 128 kbps audio, 48 kHz sample rate

Encoding: H264 video, AAC audio

Protocol: RTMP/RTMPS (preferred)

If your stream exceeds any of these requirements, especially the FPS, LinkedIn will not allow the stream to connect to its platform.

Multi-streaming to several LinkedIn pages at once is not allowed on their platform. If you are trying to connect to several LinkedIn pages or events simultaneously can cause the stream not to connect properly. Check to see how many LinkedIn channels you have added to the dashboard and how many are currently active when connecting the stream.

If you need to connect the stream to multiple LinkedIn channels at once, a workaround may be to use a second (or more) Restream account and use RTMP Pull to stream to the additional channels with the other accounts. This would require multiple broadcasters/encoders to be running.

2. Stream connects but displays a black screen on the page instead of the live video

Streaming via VPN might be causing this issue. Please try streaming without a VPN.

If you are not using a VPN, you may need to check the output setting in the streaming software (if you are not using the Restream Studio). Ensure you are meeting the requirements outlined above. If your stream exceeds any LinkedIn requirements (for example, you set 60 FPS, non-standard resolutions, extensively high bitrate, wrong keyframe, etc.), LinkedIn will not allow the stream to connect to their platform.

Using OBS, it is important to check the advanced output settings and ensure the "Enforce streaming service encoder settings" are disabled. Additionally, you may try switching to software encoding (x264) instead of a hardware encoder (H.264) in the settings as well.

If that won’t help, please contact the support team via chat.

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