LinkedIn Troubleshooting

Find out how to solve most common LinkedIn issues.

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The LinkedIn channel doesn't connect at all

a) The first thing to check is to make sure you have been approved by LinkedIn for live streaming to their platform. You can check how you can become a LinkedIn Live Broadcaster here.

The process of adding a LinkedIn channel on Restream triggers the auto-apply function of LinkedIn. If you get an error that you are not approved, you can review LinkedIn's live broadcasting criteria. If you fail to meet some criteria, LinkedIn advises that you can check again after 30 days, if you feel that your status has changed.

Important: the approval for LinkedIn broadcasting applies individually to profiles and company pages. If your personal profile is approved for broadcasting, you are not automatically approved for the pages you own, and vice versa. If you need to stream on both your profile and your connected pages, you would go through separate approval processes for each.

b) If you have been approved for streaming to the profile or page you are connecting to, but the stream isn't successfully connecting to LinkedIn, you may not be streaming with the correct settings to LinkedIn.

Please compare your streaming settings to the LinkedIn requirements below:

Duration: Max: 4 Hours

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Resolution: max 1080p

Frame Rate: max 30 fps

Key Frame: every 2 seconds (60 frames)

Bitrate: max 6 Mbps video; max 128 kbps audio, 48 kHz sample rate

Encoding: H264 video, AAC audio

Protocol: RTMP/RTMPS (preferred)

If your stream exceeds any of these requirements, especially the FPS, LinkedIn will not allow the stream to connect to its platform.

c) Multi-streaming to several LinkedIn pages at once is not allowed per LinkedIn's policy. For that reason, you would not be able to add more than one LinkedIn destination under your Restream account. To alternate between your profile and a company page, you can temporarily remove one destination and add the other.

Stream connects but displays a black screen on the page instead of the live video

a) Streaming via VPN might be causing this issue. Please try streaming without a VPN activated.

b) If you are not using a VPN, you may need to check the output setting in the streaming software (if you are not using the Restream Studio). Ensure you are meeting the requirements outlined above. If your stream exceeds any LinkedIn requirements (for example, you set 60 FPS, non-standard resolutions, extensively high bitrate, wrong keyframe, etc.), LinkedIn will not allow the stream to connect to their platform.

When using software like OBS, it is important to check the advanced output settings and ensure the "Enforce streaming service encoder settings" are disabled. Additionally, you may try switching to software encoding (x264) instead of a hardware encoder (H.264) in the settings as well.

If that won’t help, please contact the support team via chat.

"LinkedIn expired token" error.

If you encounter the LinkedIn expired token error there are a few possible reasons:

  • The token has expired after 2 months (since that is how long your LinkedIn connection token is valid for).

  • You have changed your LinkedIn password.

  • You have deleted the Restream application from LinkedIn.

All those issues are easily resolved by:

a) clicking the "reconnect" button under your LinkedIn channel as it is displayed on your Restream dashboard.

b) or by removing the affected channel and then adding it back to grant all necessary permissions.

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