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Stream to an existing LinkedIn Event

Learn how you can connect your LinkedIn Live event to a Restream Event.

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Restream makes it easy to stream to a LinkedIn Live event that you've already scheduled.

Connect a LinkedIn Event to a Restream Event

  1. Go to the Restream home screen.

  2. Click on Schedule Event and choose the way you want to stream.

  3. Enter an event title, but leave the remaining fields empty. They will automatically fill based on your LinkedIn event details in the next step.

  4. Toggle on your LinkedIn channel then click Connect an existing LinkedIn Event

  5. Choose your existing LinkedIn event and click Next.

  6. Toggle on any other channels you want to stream to, then click Create Event.


  • You will only see the Connect an existing LinkedIn Event button if you have an upcoming event on LinkedIn.

  • You can only connect your LinkedIn event to a Restream Event up to 15 minutes before its scheduled starting time. After that, it enters a "pre-live" state.

  • You can link your LinkedIn event during the creation of a new Restream Event. Connecting it to an existing Restream Event is not possible.

  • Once you connect the LinkedIn event, those event details (date, time, title, description) will be applied to all other enabled channels. Thumbnails will need to be updated under each other platform individually.


Can I start my stream early or late?

You can go live any time from 15 minutes before and up to two hours after your scheduled start time. If you don’t go live within this time period, the post will show that your stream is cancelled.

How do I update the thumbnails for other platforms?

Under your Restream Event, you can click Edit next to each individual channel. You'll then see an option to upload your thumbnail.

💡 Did you know you can schedule a LinkedIn Live directly from Restream?

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