Connect Vimeo to Restream
Can I stream to Vimeo? How do I connect Vimeo to Restream? Do I need to pay for it?
Written by Paul Nguyen
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Important: You can connect Vimeo via a Custom RTMP channel so you would need a paid subscription for it.

1. Go to and click New Video, then select Create live event. Follow the steps shown here to create an event on Vimeo.

2. On the right side of the Live Preview page, you will see two tabs, Webcam and Connect (RTMP). Select the Connect tab. This contains the RTMP URL and Stream Key for your event.

Vimeo Connect RTMP

3. In Restream go to Add channel and choose Custom RTMP.

Add Custom RTMP to Restream

4. Paste the RTMP URL and Stream Key from Vimeo and press Add Channel.

Paste the RTMP URL and Stream Key

Vimeo is now connected to the Restream!

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