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Learn how you can broadcast to Vimeo with Restream.

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Streaming to Vimeo with Restream is possible using our custom destination feature.

How to add Vimeo to Restream

  1. Follow Vimeo's instructions to set up your stream.

  2. Under your event's settings, select Encoder as your broadcast method.

  3. Fill in the rest of your event's details and click Create.

  4. Copy the RTMP URL and stream key from Vimeo.

  5. From your Restream home screen, click Destinations.

  6. Click Add Channels.

  7. Select Custom RTMP.

  8. Fill in the RTMP URL and stream key you copied, then click Add Channel.

  9. Vimeo is now set up - you just need to choose how you'll go live.


  • You need a paid Restream plan to stream on Custom RTMP channels, like Vimeo.

  • API-dependent features like Restream Chat and Analytics will not work for Custom RTMP channels.

  • Vimeo has the following recommended stream settings:

    • Video bitrate: 5,000 Kbps

    • Audio bitrate: 256 Kbps

    • Resolution: 1920x1080

    • FPS: 30

    • Keyframe interval: 2 seconds


What does "Use authentication" mean?

Some platforms require that you enter a username and password in order to connect, but this is not necessary for Vimeo and can be skipped upon setup.

Can I use RTMPS instead of RTMP?

Yes, the steps are the same. You would simply input your RTMPS URL instead of an RTMP URL.

What does "Set your title directly on the streaming platform" mean?

Manually connected channels, like Vimeo, do not support setting titles via Restream. You can update your stream's title Vimeo directly.

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