Facebook Troubleshooting

Are you having trouble going live on Facebook with Restream? Check this article on how to troubleshoot the issue.

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If you are having trouble streaming to Facebook, you may be seeing any of the following behaviors:

  • Stream status is stuck as "Sending Data"

  • The stream doesn't start on Facebook

The easiest way to start troubleshooting this is to make sure you have all the necessary permissions to stream to Facebook by reconnecting your Facebook channel.

Remove your Facebook from the Restream dashboard.

  • Press the Edit destinations button.

  • Press Edit beside the Facebook channel.

  • Press remove destination.

  • Make sure to tick the option Remove all permissions and press the Remove button.

Manage what information you're sharing

After you clear all Restream permissions and applications on Facebook's side, try adding Facebook to Restream once again, granting all permissions as shown in this article:

If you are having trouble adding a specific group or public page to Restream, make sure to check the following:

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