Lost, forgot or misplaced your password for Restream? No need to worry, Restream has an easy way to reset your password from within your account and from outside of your account.

How to Reset your Password while logged in

TIP: You will need to know your old password for this method, scroll past this method if you don't know your password.

1. Click on your profile from the bottom left of the Restream Dashboard and choose 'Settings'

2. Choose 'Password' from the menu on the left.

You can type in your old password followed by your new password twice, then click "Update Password." Your password has been successfully changed! The changes are immediate and the next time you login you must use the new password. 


If you have no memory of your current password at all, take a look below. You must be logged out for the following steps to work:

How to Reset your Password while logged out

1. From the Restream login page, click "Forgot password?"

3. Type in the email for your account and choose 'Send password reset email.'

An email with further steps on resetting your password will be sent to the email address you inserted.


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