Why do I need multiple cameras?

Multi-camera streaming can not only make your content more exciting, improve production quality but it can also save your time! You can instantly switch from speaking to the camera to showing what you are working on — no editing required. Having multiple cameras allows you to switch feeds in real-time. Forget about hours of editing your VODs, inserting scenes, etc!

Join stream as a Guest

1. Go to Restream Studio, copy a guest link and send this guest link to another device. You can do it via email, private message on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

How to invite guests in Restream Studio

2. Open the guest link on another device. From here, you can choose your preferred video input. And that's it. As easy as that!

How to change video input in Restream Studio

You can enable/control your other 'camera' just as how you would control a guest on your stream.

Tip: Did you know you can adjust a volume for your guests? Learn more about guests on your stream in this simple article.

Use RTMP Source in Studio

The idea is similar to the guest feature. Only this time, you will have to use the RTMP source feature of the Studio.

This option is great since it allows you to take full advantage of using both Restream Studio and a third-party software of your choice.

By connecting two cameras, you can use the RTMP feature as a fallback for your live streams. This way, you can ensure the broadcast stays live in case something goes wrong. The multi-camera setup also allows you to easily switch between scenes during your live streams and make your broadcasts even more engaging

Note: This feature is available for our company plans only (Premium, Business, or Enterprise packages). Currently, you can add only 1 RTMP Source into the studio.

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