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OBS Virtual Camera in Studio
OBS Virtual Camera in Studio

Learn how to use the OBS Virtual camera feature with Studio.

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The use of a Virtual Camera is helpful for users who wish to level up their streaming content by selecting a camera input in Restream Studio that they can further manipulate directly in their encoder.

How to use OBS Virtual Camera with Studio

  1. Download OBS.

  2. Once downloaded, you may decide to connect OBS to any of your social media accounts, or just connect it to Restream so you can multi-stream with it later if you need it.

  3. From OBS Studio's main window, click the "+" under "Sources." You can choose to add a camera, a video, an animated image, or whatever tickles your fancy.

  4. When you’re all done setting up OBS sources, you can enable OBS Virtual Camera by clicking on the button "Start Virtual Camera".

5. You will then head back to Studio and choose OBS Virtual Camera as your Video Input like this:

Restream Studio OBS Virtual Camera

Pro tip: If you are setting up your virtual camera for the first time, your browser may have to be restarted in order for the virtual camera option to appear under the video input menu in Studio.

And that’s it! Whatever is displayed on OBS is now also available on Live Studio.


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