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How to Use Multiple Cameras with Restream Studio
How to Use Multiple Cameras with Restream Studio
Make your stream more dynamic with an extra camera set up in Restream Studio. Read this guide to learn more!
Written by Paul Nguyen
Updated over a week ago

Multi-camera streaming can not only make your content more exciting and improve stream quality, but it can also save you time! You can instantly switch from speaking to the camera to showing what you are working on โ€” no editing required. Having an extra camera allows you to switch feeds in real-time. Forget about hours of editing your VODs, inserting scenes, etc.!

In this article, we will cover:

โš™๏ธ Requirements

  • Extra camera feature is available on any of our plans, including the basic tier.

  • The feature is available for hosts and guests.

  • A second camera is required. You canโ€™t select an already active camera as an extra camera.

  • Please ensure you have enough CPU and bandwidth to handle the extra camera's additional encoding and network load.

  • Each participant can have up to 2 extra cameras, which makes 3 cameras in total.

  • The extra camera has video-only, no audio. Please keep your main camera on-air to get heard.

  • Virtual Background is also not available for the extra camera.

๐Ÿง How to add an extra camera to Restream Studio?

  1. Navigate to Restream Studio. Click + button and select Extra camera.

    Extra camera in Restream Studio

  2. Select the camera you want to use from the Video input drop-down and Video resolution. Then click Add Camera button.

    Extra Camera in Studio

  3. Toggle on the camera in the source deck to add it to the stream.

    Toggle on extra camera in Restream Studio

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