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Use multiple cameras in Classic Studio
Use multiple cameras in Classic Studio

Make your stream more dynamic with an extra camera.

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Set up multiple cameras to switch feeds in real time and level up your content.

How to add an extra camera

  1. Go to Restream Studio and click ➕ Add Source under your preview window.

  2. Select Extra Camera.

  3. Click the dropdown under Video Input and select your camera.

  4. You can also set its video resolution and choose whether to mirror it.

  5. Click Add Camera.

  6. Toggle on the camera in the source deck to add it to the stream.


  • The extra camera feature is available on any of our plans, including the basic tier.

  • The feature is available for hosts and guests.

  • Each participant can have up to 2 extra cameras, which makes 3 cameras in total.

  • A second camera is required, you can’t select an already active camera.


Why am I not getting any sound from my extra camera?

The extra camera has only video, no audio. That helps prevent any echo from occurring in your setup. Your audio will come from your microphone.

Does the extra camera require more resources?

We recommend a good CPU and high bandwidth to handle the extra camera's additional encoding and network load.

You can check your upload speed here. You should have 10 Mbps at minimum, while 25 Mbps or higher is recommended for Full HD streams.

Your CPU load while using Studio should not be more than 80%.

Can I use a virtual background with my extra camera?

At this time, virtual backgrounds are only available for your main camera.

Can I change my extra camera's settings?

Yes. On the left-hand side of the Studio, click the three dots next to your extra camera, and select Video Settings.

Can I rename my extra camera?

At this time, each camera will use the name of the participant that has added it.

If you don't want to display any nameplates, click the gear ⚙️ icon under your stream preview and toggle off "Participants names".

What happens if I unplug the extra camera that's being used?

You will see a warning that the device was disconnected, and the extra camera will go black. If the same device is reconnected, the extra camera will automatically restart.

If you don't plan to reconnect the device, you can remove its input. Just hover over the black feed, click the three dots and select Hide.

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