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Set up your camera in Studio
Set up your camera in Studio

Tips for using built-in, external, or virtual cameras.

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Studio allows you to set up a variety of compatible cameras and optimize your streams.

Studio settings page showing video settings.

How to select your camera

  1. Go to Restream Studio and click the gear ⚙️ icon under your preview window.

  2. Go to the Video menu and click the dropdown under Video Input.

  3. Select your preferred camera from the menu of options.

  4. You can also set its video resolution and choose whether to mirror it below.


  • Restream Studio can use any camera that your browser is able to detect.

  • For external cameras, you may need additional software or drivers, such as Canon's EOS Webcam Utility or Logitech's Capture. Consult with your manufacturer.

  • Virtual cameras can be used to control your video input through an encoder. Popular options include OBS and Ecamm virtual cameras.

  • For optimal quality, match your camera's video resolution to your stream resolution.


Why is Studio not showing my external camera as an option?

Restream Studio can only show what your browser can detect. You can visit our camera test tool or this website to check if your camera is detectable by your browser.

Check if your camera is listed among the options on those tools. If yes, it will work in Restream Studio. If not, please consult with your camera's manufacturer.

Why is Studio not showing my virtual camera as an option?

You need to turn on the virtual camera on its software first - that will allow your browser to detect it. If you are setting it up for the first time, you may need to restart your browser.

What does "auto" mean in my video resolution?

Auto means that your camera will be set to the maximum available resolution based on your live stream quality setting. For example, if you set your live stream quality to Full HD, we automatically set your camera quality to Full HD, too.

You will also see a quality indicator on the top left corner of your stream preview. This label will display your stream's resolution, like 720p or 1080p.

Why does my camera look flipped/backwards?

If your video input looks horizontally flipped, it would be because you've chosen to mirror your camera. To turn it off, click the ⚙️ gear icon under your stream preview in Studio. Then, click the Video tab and toggle off Mirror camera.

💡 Studio provides on-screen controls to help you manage your camera feeds.

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