What are Brand Folders?

Brand Folders are convenient presets for different graphical options. For example, you may need to switch between different sets of logotypes, overlays, and colors quickly. That’s where folders come in.

Who is this feature for?

Influencers, marketing partnerships, people who run multiple shows, agencies working with different brands.

Who can use this feature?

Brand folders are available to all Restream users. However, keep in mind that adding custom graphics requires at least a Standard plan.

How to create brand folders?

  1. Open Restream Studio and press the button on the top left corner.

  2. Press New Brand and type in the name of the folder.

    Tip: Up to 10 brand folders can be created.

    You are now inside the new brand folder where you can add your custom graphics and captions and later switch between folders πŸŽ‰

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