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Create and stream a playlist of videos
Create and stream a playlist of videos

Stream your live series by combining multiple videos into a single broadcast.

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Stitch your videos into an engaging live series and schedule playlists to stream automatically, even if your laptop is unplugged.

​How to create a Playlist

  1. From your home screen, click Upload & Stream Videos.

  2. Select from your existing videos or click Upload Video to add new ones.

  3. Click Add to Playlist.

  4. Drag and drop your videos in the order you prefer.

  5. Click Add Video on the top left corner to add more files or create a Countdown.

  6. Customize your playlist with designs, captions, and QR codes.

  7. When you're done setting up, click Preview to see what the stream will look like or Schedule Stream to set up when the Playlist will go live.

Watch this video tutorial to learn more:


  • Playlists are available for all Restream users, but the maximum video size and storage amount varies per Restream plan.

  • Your playlist's maximum duration can be 24 hours.

  • The maximum amount of videos you can add to a Playlist is 20. These can either be unique video files or videos you duplicate multiple times within your Playlist.

  • Videos can be added to, removed from, or rearranged in a Playlist only before it goes live. While the Playlist airs, only graphics and chat can be edited.

  • Your teammates can also upload videos and create Playlists under your Team.


Can I add stream recordings to my Playlist?

Yes. When creating a Playlist, click the Recordings tab, hover over the desired Recording, and click "Move to Uploads". Your Recording will automatically export to your Uploads folder and will be ready to use.

If your recording exceeds the upload limit for your Restream plan, you'll be asked to trim the video before adding it to your Playlist.

Do I lose my progress if I start a Playlist but don't schedule it?

If you started creating a Playlist but didn't finish, don't worry. A draft will automatically be saved to your Events list for you to edit later or delete.

Can I stop my Playlist after it has gone live?

If you need your Playlist to stop streaming, you can:

  • Click the three dots next to the Playlist on your dashboard and click Stop event.

  • Click View Stream from your dashboard to open the Playlist, then click End Stream in the top right corner.

Can I get a link to my Playlist?

Before your Playlist goes live, you can get a link to the scheduled event for Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Just click the channel icons under the created event, right-click "View on..." next to each channel and copy the URL. For any platforms that don't support event posts in advance, like X or Twitch, you can share your profile URL with your audience.

Once your Playlist starts streaming, click View Stream from your home screen. Once you're in the Studio environment, you'll see the option to view your Playlist on your end channels in the top right corner.

This button in Studio appears for YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, and X.

What are Playlists useful for?

Playlists are perfect for:

  • Product launches

  • Demos and workshops

  • Live sales

  • Online music and television

  • Charity and fundraising

  • Interactive performances

  • Live evangelism and more!

Can Playlists combine live and pre-recorded content?

Playlists cannot be blended with live content at this time. If you want to include both live and pre-recorded elements in your stream, try using videos in Studio.

If I duplicate a Playlist, will graphics carry over?

Yes, any graphics you set up before the initial Playlist aired will carry over.

Any graphics that were added while the initial Playlist was live will display from the beginning of the video in the duplicated Playlist. You can preview the playlist to check if everything is where it needs to be and move things around.

Can I schedule back-to-back Playlists?

Yes. They will be delivered as separate streams, with a 2-minute buffer in between. This buffer allows the first playlist to end properly before a new one starts.

The buffer does not apply to custom plans with access to concurrent events.

💡 Edit your stream recordings to use them in your Playlist with our Video Trimmer

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