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Add a countdown to your stream in Studio 2.0
Add a countdown to your stream in Studio 2.0

Create a custom timer for your intros, outros, or transitions.

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Create anticipation by showing the time remaining until your stream begins.
Get ready off-camera as your audience tunes in after receiving your live notification.

How to add a Countdown

  1. Go to Restream Studio and click Add Scene.

  2. Select Countdown.

  3. Choose your countdown's duration from the Timer menu.

  4. Choose the song you want to play from the Music menu.

  5. Choose the Background of your stream from our default ones or upload your own.

  6. If you want to automatically switch to the next scene once your countdown is over, toggle on the option "Switch scene after countdown".


  • Pick the right browser for your operating system:

    • Windows, macOS, and Linux: Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Arc, Edge, Safari (least preferred).

    • Android: Chrome (recommended), Firefox.

    • iOS: Safari 14+

  • Keep your browser updated to the latest version.

  • Avoid ad blockers and browser extensions that may interfere with your setup.


Can I edit my countdown after it starts?

Yes, hover over your stream preview and click the pencil icon.

Can I turn off the automatic switch to the next scene while the countdown runs?

Yes, by hovering over your stream preview and clicking the pencil icon. Toggle off "Switch scene after countdown."

💡 Explore adding other scenes, such as video clips and camera feeds, to enhance your stream further.

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