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Getting started with Scenes
Getting started with Scenes

Learn how to organize your stream flow and pre-create live scenes.

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Scenes let you build your stream flow like a presentation, pre-set all video clips and graphics, and ensure a smooth viewer experience.

How to add a scene

  1. Go to Restream Studio and click Add Scene in the top left corner.

  2. Choose between Camera, Media or Countdown.

    1. Camera scenes use your camera input as the primary source.

    2. Media scenes use sources like videos, screen sharing, and presentations.

    3. Countdown scenes offer customizable timers for intros and transitions.

  3. Each scene you add will appear on the left side of your screen.

  4. Repeat the process to create as many scenes as needed for your stream.

  5. When you go live, simply switch scenes to show videos, presentations, guests, and other elements for a professional look and full control of your live show.

How you can customize a Scene

  1. Rename, copy, paste, duplicate, or delete a scene by clicking the three dots ⋮ next to it.

  2. Reorder scenes by dragging and dropping them.

  3. Adjust your scene's layout by selecting one of the options under your preview.

    Seven layout options.

  4. Add graphic designs, captions, QR codes, or notes from the right menu.

  5. Use additional controls by hovering over your preview window:

    1. Maximize any video box with the double-pointing arrow.

    2. Adjust volume, hide, or replace an element by clicking the three dots.

  6. We recommend customizing each scene in advance, but you can always adjust them while the stream is live.


  • You can have a maximum of 40 scenes in your Studio.

  • Pick the right browser for your operating system:

    • Windows, macOS, and Linux: Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Arc, Edge, Safari (least preferred).

    • Android: Chrome (recommended), Firefox.

    • iOS: Safari 14+

  • Keep your browser updated to the latest version.

  • Avoid ad blockers and browser extensions that may interfere with your setup.


How are scenes different from the classic Studio?

Scenes can be built in advance, eliminating the need to change layouts and graphics on the go. You'll preview what's coming next for your viewers and your transitions will look smoother.

It's like switching through slides in a presentation vs. editing the same slide over and over to show new material.

Can I automatically switch between scenes?

You need to switch camera and media scenes manually. After a countdown, you can auto-switch to the next scene.

The auto-switch for all scenes is coming soon.

Can I have multiple media sources for a single scene?

It's only one active media source per scene. You can choose between a shared screen, presentation, video clip, or RTMP source.

If you need an additional source, simply create your next scene and add your second source there.

Can I swap the positions of different elements in layouts?

Yes, drag and drop each feed to your preferred spot.

Will my scenes disappear if I leave the Studio?

No, scenes are auto-saved to allow you to organize your stream in advance. They will be there when you're ready to go live.

If you start building your stream and accidentally exit Studio, your work will be saved.

💡 Creating scenes in Studio saves you hundreds of clicks per stream.

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