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Add scrolling text to your stream

Display a scrolling ticker at the bottom of your stream.

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Add a ticker to your stream for engaging calls to action and news-style announcements.

How to add scrolling text

  1. Go to Restream Studio and click the Captions tab on the right side.

  2. Click ➕ Add under the Ticker section.

  3. Fill in your preferred text and click Add.

  4. Click Show on your ticker to add it on-screen.

  5. Click Hide to remove it from the stream.


  • This is a free feature available to all users.

  • The maximum ticker length is 1000 characters.

  • You can have up to 300 tickers per brand folder.

  • All major languages and emojis are supported.


Can I change the speed, font, or position of my scrolling text?

Currently, the ticker operates at a fixed speed and style.

Can I edit the color of my ticker?

Yes. Go to the Design tab on the right side of the Studio and change your primary color. Whatever selection you apply there will carry over to your ticker.

💡 Learn how to group and organize your tickers with Brand Folders.

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