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Customize your invoices

Check out how you can add your billing information to your invoices.

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Your Restream invoices can be edited to include additional information, such as a VAT ID, business name, or billing address.

How to add information to your invoices

  1. Go to the Payments page in your Settings.

  2. Click Add Information.

  3. Fill in the details you want to add to your invoice and click Save.

  4. Your custom invoices will be generated and available for download below.


Do I need to manually download my custom invoices every time?

You only need to go through this process once to customize past invoices. Once you add these details, they will be included in all future invoices you receive via email.

Can I change this information multiple times?

Yes, there is no limit to how often this information can be added or edited.

Can I get invoiced to pay with a wire transfer?

Paying via invoicing and bank transfers is only available for custom Enterprise plans. If that fits your business needs, you are welcome to chat with our Sales team.

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