Connecting XSplit is quick and easy! Most of the Restream users either choose OBS Studio or XSplit.

Setting up XSplit

1. Log into the Restream Dashboard and Copy your Stream Key.

  2. Launch XSplit

  3. Choose "Outputs" from the toolbar, then select “Set up a new output." and finally Select "Custom RTMP" 

  4. Paste the Stream Key in the Stream Name textbox
Tip: Make sure to name your channel "Restream" to avoid confusion in the future

  5.Copy the RTMP URL from the Restream Dashboard

  6. Paste the RTMP into the RTMP URL textbox

  7. Click "Ok" 

XSplit Broadcaster is now setup to work with Restream.

How to change the Keyframe Interval for XSplit

Tip: Some users will change the Keyframe Intervale to have complete compatibility with all streaming services, such as Facebook. We recommend setting your Keyframe to "2"

1. Launch XSplit

 2. Select "Outputs" from the taskbar and click on the gear Icon beside the custom RTMP you have created for Restream

3. Under the Video encoding section select the gear icon below the "Mode" dropbox

5. Select the "Max Keyframe Interval (secs)" text box and input your changes

6. Click "Ok" to confirm your changes


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