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Connect OBS to Restream

Learn how to set up and use OBS with Restream.

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Discover how to download, set up, and connect OBS Studio to Restream.

How to connect OBS to Restream

  1. Download OBS Studio to your computer.

  2. Skip the Auto-Configuration Wizard step.

  3. Click the Settings button in the lower right-hand corner.

  4. Choose Stream on the left sidebar.

  5. For the Service drop-down menu, select

  6. Click Connect Account to log into your Restream account, or click the Use Stream Key button and paste the stream key from your encoder page.

  7. Click OK.

Watch this video tutorial to learn more:

Recommended settings


Under the Output tab:

  • Change Output mode to Advanced.

  • Make sure Rescale Output is unchecked.

  • Set Rate Control to CBR.

  • Set Keyframe Interval to 2 seconds.

  • Set Profile to Main.


Under the Advanced tab:

  • For Color Format, please choose NV12.

  • For Color Space, choose 709 for best compatibility. Then click OK.

Monitoring your stream

Once you've initiated your broadcast via OBS, visit your Encoder page on Restream. Here, you can oversee your stream's performance, manage the channels you're streaming to, and keep an eye on viewer counts.

OBS Analyzer

Want to learn more about your stream's health? Try OBS Analyzer. This tool will assess your settings, connection, or stream health in general and will tell you to address critical issues or warnings if any are detected.

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