Our users ask, what are the best video settings for streaming prerecorded videos? The simple answer is - the one that is required for you to deliver your content the way it means to be delivered in terms of production and quality. 

But there are still some limitations applied to the videos you try to upload to Scheduler, but we have tried to make them that way to fulfill most quality concerned users needs.

So let's see what are the most important video requirements we will divide them into mandatory and optional. Mandatory are the ones you will not be able to upload your video and optional are the ones which provide smoother performance.


  • Video format - MP4, MOV, M4V or MKV
  • Maximum Video size - 1, 2, 5, or 10GB depending on your subscription plan
  • Encoding - H264
  • Audio codec - AAC


  • Max video resolution - 1080p (1920x1080). Tip: You can use even up to 4k resolution videos, but they will work only with the end streaming services which supports such high resolutions; 
  • Video fps - 30 or 60
  • Rate control mode - CBR (since videos naturally tend to VBR you will most likely need to re-encode it for smoother experience).

You can always see your video parameters after upload under the video itself.

Since optimizing video for live streaming maybe a bit tricky right of the bat we created a special guidance material on how to optimize your videos for live streaming, feel free to check it out! 


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