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Schedule your video as a pre-recorded event
Schedule your video as a pre-recorded event

Learn how to schedule a recorded video to appear as a live stream.

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Pre-recorded events easily turn your recorded videos into live streams. Plus, the stream will begin automatically, even when you're offline.

How to schedule a pre-recorded event

  1. From your home screen, click Upload & Stream Videos.

  2. Select Video File.

  3. Choose an existing video from your Uploads or Recordings and click Next.

  4. You can also upload files on the spot from:

    1. Your computer or mobile phone by clicking Upload Video.

    2. Your YouTube channel by clicking the YouTube icon to import your videos.

  5. Fill in your Event details like your title, description, date, and time.

    1. Check the box next to Create an event page on social platforms to notify your audience in advance with an event post.

    2. Upload a thumbnail as a custom image to use for the event before you go live.

    3. You can optionally loop your video up to 10 times.

  6. Toggle on the channels you'll stream to and click Create Event.

How to go live

You don't need to do anything - your event will automatically air at the scheduled time.

If you have connected any channels that require a manual start, like TikTok or Instagram, please click the Go Live button on the end platform once Restream starts streaming.

While your video airs, you can monitor your stream and chat with your viewers in real-time from your home screen.


  • Streaming recorded videos is available for all Restream users, but the maximum video size and storage amount varies per Restream plan.

  • Free users will have Restream branding on their event's thumbnail.

  • Only Facebook profiles and pages, YouTube, and LinkedIn support creating event posts in advance. For other platforms, your stream will show up once you're live.

  • The announcement post box can only be checked during event creation. If you forgot to check it, you can delete the current event and create a new one.

  • The recommended size for thumbnails is 1280x720.


Can I reschedule my event?

Yes, just click the pencil icon on your event card, update the date/time, and Save.

If you have a LinkedIn channel connected to your event, you will need to reschedule the event on LinkedIn first. Then, head to the Events page on Restream. You'll see a prompt to adjust the time of your entire event to match the LinkedIn time.

Can I edit or rename my event after it has been created?

Yes. Click the pencil icon on your event card and then click Edit next to your channels.

You can update the title, description, and thumbnail individually for each one.

Can I change the video file connected to my event or loop count?

Yes. Click the pencil icon on your event card.

Then click Change next to the file or adjust the loop count at the bottom.

Can I share a link to my event?

You can get links to your events on Facebook profiles and pages, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Just click the channel icons under the created event, right-click "View on..." next to each channel and copy the URL. For any platforms that don't support event posts in advance, like X or Twitch, you can share your profile URL with your audience.

Can I stop my video after it has gone live?

Click the three dots next to your preview on the home screen and click Stop event.

Can I duplicate my events?

Yes, you can create a new event using the same details as another event.

Go to your Events page, locate the Event you want to copy, click the three little dots, and then Duplicate.

Does deleting events on Restream delete the post on end platforms too?

Deleting upcoming events on Restream will also delete posts about the upcoming event on end platforms for Facebook and YouTube. For LinkedIn, the event needs to be manually deleted, as shown here.

Deleting finished events on Restream will not affect the streams and saved videos sent to end platforms.

I checked the announcement box but I don't see my event on my profile's timeline.

When you schedule an event on your Facebook personal profile via Restream, the announcement post will not be automatically posted to your timeline. Instead, the new event will be created on the Facebook Events page. From there, you manually share it on your timeline.

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