The Upload and Stream feature lets you turn a recorded video into a live stream and create an interactive live show with real-time chat in just a few clicks.

There are just 3 easy steps you need to take:

Choose a video πŸ“Ή

Upload any video from your laptop, Google Drive, or even your mobile phone.

Upload and Stream Your Recorded Videos

πŸ‘€ PS You need a Professional plan or higher to unlock this feature.
You can review our plans and upload limits here.

Set up your event πŸ—“

Give your stream a title and select the date and time it goes live.

Schedule a pre-recorded event

You can also choose to make an announcement post (currently, on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube only). The announcement will notify your audience about the upcoming stream and let them set a reminder.

πŸ’‘ When you schedule an event on Facebook via Restream events, it will create a Facebook Online Event. Announcement posts will not be automatically posted to your personal Facebook profile's timeline. Instead, the new event will be created on the Facebook Events page.

Event settings for Restream

πŸ‘€ Adding a thumbnail? The recommended size for the image is 1280x720!

Add destinations βž•

Activate the channels you want to stream to or press the Add Channels button to add additional platforms.

As a final step, click Create Event.

Create your event on your platforms

Congrats! πŸŽ‰ The event is now successfully scheduled.

It will appear on your home page and in your list of upcoming events.

Restream Events

The event will start automatically at its scheduled time. There's nothing you need to do. Just enjoy your live show. πŸ˜‰

🌟 Bonus tips:

Monitor your stream

If you want to monitor your live stream or chat with your audience in real-time, while your video is playing a preview of the stream along with the chat will be available on your home page.

Upload and Stream Your Recorded Videos

Get a shareable link to your event

If you chose to make an announcement post while setting up your event, you can get a shareable link to the event (Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn only) by clicking the platform icon under the created event.

Get shareable event link
View event on end platforms

Edit your event

Press the pencil icon to edit your streaming destinations, title and description, or to switch the file attached to your event. These actions can take place at any point before the scheduled time of your event.

Edit Restream Event

Test the Upload and Stream feature

Want to test Upload and Stream? You can upload a short video (up to 20 mins/500MB) on a Free plan or use our demo video and schedule it. You can also set this test stream to private so it’s invisible to your viewers. Here is how to do it.

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