Ready to take your stream to the next level with the brand new OBS from Stream Labs? We know you are!



Download StreamLabs OBS from StreamLabs' official Download Page 



Now it's time to Launch StreamLabs OBS!  



Click the Settings Cog from the Top Right (As shown below)



Select Stream from the settings window navigation menu, then select Stream to Custom Ingest



Time to copy that Stream Key from the Restream Dashboard.

Restream Dashboard RTMP Settings



Select "" or " - RTMP" from the service drop down

And Paste in your Restream Stream Key 



Quickly switch over to the Output section

And switch the Output Mode to Advanced 



Choose your preferred encoder from the drop down -  Use Software(x264) if you are unsure

And uncheck "Enforce streaming service encoder settings" then switch your Keyframe Interval to 2, Then select the main profile.



That's it! Now you can go live through Restream with StreamLabs OBS! 

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