I get a keyframe interval warning

Learn how to adjust your keyframe interval to the recommended values.

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A warning about your keyframe may show up if you don't use a recommended setting.

keyframe warning

What is the recommended keyframe interval?

Most streaming services recommend a keyframe interval of 2 seconds; for some, it's even mandatory. Other platforms may also recommend a maximum value of 4.

Using a different value than recommended may result in quality issues with your stream.

Why does this warning show up?

This warning alerts you that the quality of your stream may be affected. Recommended settings for each platform differ, and the warnings assist you in maintaining balance.

However, if your stream isn't showing any degradation, you can disregard it.

How can I change my keyframe interval?

If your settings are not correct and are affecting your stream, you can change your keyframe interval in your encoder.

Settings to look for and adjust depending on the encoder you're using are:

  • Keyframe every 'number' of seconds - should be set to "2".

  • Keyframe every 'number' of frames - this property needs to be 2 x your FPS. For example, if you set 30 FPS, you will need to have a "keyframe every 60 frames". This will be the equivalent of a keyframe interval of "2".

  • GOP (or Group of Pictures) - this property is essentially the same as the one above. Set it to 60 for 30 FPS, 120 for 60 FPS, and so on to get a 2-second keyframe interval.

If you've already set your keyframe interval to the right value, but the warning persists and your quality is impacted, it may indicate connection or CPU issues. You can try following the steps here.

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