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In this article, we will learn how to change keyframe in various broadcasters and what does keyframe interval do.
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First of all, you need to know what keyframe is. 

Brief explanation: Keyframe is the distance between "keyframes" in your broadcast, which means how frequently the "perfect frame" appears, the frame which your broadcaster will fully calculate. All other frames (not keyframes) are only calculated for the pixel difference and not entirely full frame.
So setting the keyframe interval too wide may result in decreasing the quality of your stream. 

So the keyframe interval of 2 seconds is recommended (but not crucial most of the time) by the vast majority of streaming services, for some it's even mandatory.

The problem appear that keyframe can have various names in the settings so let's have a few examples:

  • Keyframe every 'number' of seconds - is the most common, here we just need to set it to 2 seconds (common option for OBS studio);

  • Keyframe every 'number' of frames - this one can be found in Wirecast, for example, and some other broadcasters. To set this property for 2 seconds you need to set your keyframe for every FPS of your stream x2, which means, for example, if you have a 30 fps stream you will need to have a 'keyframe every 60 seconds' this way keyframe appears every 2 seconds;

  • GOP (or can be also used fully as a Group of picture) - this is basically keyframe every 'number' of frames, so just set it 60 for your 30 fps stream, 120 for your 60 fps stream, and so on to get a 2 seconds keyframe interval.

Tip: If you still struggle to find the option or change your keyframe interval just contact our live chat support.


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