Connect Steam to Restream

Follow the steps in this guide to learn how to enable Steam Store broadcasts and stream games to your Steam account using Restream.

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Are you thinking about starting to stream to your Steam account? Look no further! Just follow the steps in this guide for a smooth and quick setup process.


  • Steam requires 16:9 resolution (1280x720, 1920x1080). If your stream doesn't get published, try adjusting your scene parameters.

  • A non-limited account is needed to stream, which Steam defines as an account that has spent at least 5 USD on the Steam store. For more information on these requirements, please check Steam's resources here.

How to connect Steam to Restream

  1. Head to your Restream homepage, click the "Add Destination" button and select "Steam" from the list of available destinations.

    Add Steam to Restream

  2. The next step is to join the Store Broadcast Beta group under your Stream account. It's required for streaming on Steam.

    Join Store Broadcast Group on Steam

  3. After joining the group, click on the setup page to create your RTMP token. Copy the recommended RTMP link and stream key from Steam.

    Steam RTMP Details

  4. Paste your RTMP URL and stream key under the relevant fields of the Restream Steam channel and confirm by clicking "Add channel".

  5. You're now ready to stream to Steam!

Remember to enable public access for viewers at the Steam Setup page in order to get your stream to game communities.

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