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Stream to Amazon Live

Learn how to add Amazon Live to Restream.

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Stream to Amazon Live to drive sales and reach a large audience of potential customers.

How to stream to Amazon Live

  1. Open the Amazon Live Creator app and sign in.

  2. Tap the + button and fill in your title, thumbnail and featured products.

  3. Under Settings, tap Video source and select External camera.

  4. Tap Get URL and stream key. Save these details in an email, note, or Word document to ensure secure and easy access for the next steps.

  5. Open Restream's home screen and click the Destinations button.

  6. Click Add Channels and choose Amazon Live.

  7. Enter the RTMP URL and stream key provided by the Amazon Live Creator app in the appropriate fields. Then click Add Channel.

  8. Choose how you'll go live and start streaming.

  9. Go back to the Amazon Live Creator app, select your stream, tap Preview, and then the Go Live button.

  10. To finish your live smoothly, stop the stream on the Creator app before ending it on Restream.


  • Streaming on Amazon Live is available for all Restream plans, including free.

  • The Amazon Live Creator app is available on iPhone and Android devices. The app can be used on an iPad, but the experience is not optimized.

  • Amazon Live has the following recommended stream settings:

    • Resolution: 1280x720

    • AVC Level: 31

    • Keyframe Interval: max 2 seconds


Is Amazon chat compatible with Restream chat?

No, messages received on Amazon will not appear on Restream. You can monitor chat message from your viewers directly in the Amazon app while streaming.

You can even leave your chat open on Amazon after your stream has ended if you have more comments to respond to, or click End Chat whenever you're ready.

Who can use the Amazon Live Creator app?

The app is available to those in the Amazon Influencer Program with an active storefront, brand owners who use Seller Central, and vendors who have an approved Amazon Store.

💡 Easily showcase and sell products directly from your browser.

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