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How do I stream to Facebook? How can I add Facebook to Restream? Facebook streaming requirements & setting up Facebook with Restream.
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Facebook is the most known social media platform in the world! You can now easily increase your reach on Facebook using Restream!

In this article, we will cover:

βš™οΈ Requirements

  • You can check the best settings for Facebook here.

  • Maximum stream length - 8 hours.

  • You can stream to your Facebook personal profile for free.

  • A paid plan is needed to unlock streaming to Facebook groups and public pages.

  • You need to be the admin of the group or public page you want to stream to.

  • Facebook's cross-posting feature is available only if you connect Facebook to Restream via a Custom RTMP channel.

🧐 How to automatically connect Facebook to Restream

  1. Navigate to your Restream Dashboard, press the "Add destination" button and click on the Facebook icon.

  2. Select whether you want to connect to your Facebook profile or a group/public page that your profile manages.

    Add Facebook to Restream

  3. You will automatically be led to the Facebook website, where you will log in and allow Restream to access your Facebook account.

  4. Select the visibility of your streams as public to prevent any issues with Restream's permissions and click "Continue".

  5. Allow Restream to manage your pages and groups. Ensure you are granting access and checking all groups and pages you'd like to stream to, as this will let us start the stream for you.

    Set up Facebook permissions for Restream

  6. You will then be transferred back to the Restream Dashboard.

    • If you select your profile, it will automatically be added as a destination.

    • If you select to connect to a group or public page, you will see a window directing you to choose the specific group or page.

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