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Create a Facebook Live Event with Restream
Create a Facebook Live Event with Restream

Schedule your Facebook lives through Restream Events.

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Restream Events is the easiest way to schedule upcoming live events on Facebook.

How to schedule a Facebook Live with Restream Events

  1. From your home screen, click Schedule Event.

  2. Choose how you want to stream: via our Studio, Encoder, Video File, or Playlist.

  3. Fill in your Event details like your title, description, date, and time.

    1. Check the box next to Create an event page on social platforms to notify your audience in advance with an event post on Facebook.

    2. Upload a thumbnail for the event.

  4. Toggle on Facebook and other platforms you want to stream to.

  5. Click Create Event.


  • Restream Events are available for all plans, including the free tier, but streaming to Facebook pages and groups is available on paid plans only.

  • Free users will have Restream branding on their event's thumbnail.

  • Only profiles and pages support creating events via Restream. For groups, create your events directly on Facebook.

  • You can only go live to an event once; do not click Go Live before the scheduled time. Follow this guide if you want to run tests.

  • The announcement post box can only be checked during event creation. If you forgot to check it, delete the event and create a new one.

  • Each event is unique; enter Studio through the event card or update the event's specific stream key in your encoder. Otherwise, you'll create a new stream.


Does Facebook have any limits for titles, descriptions, or thumbnails?

Title: max 255 bytes (approximately 255 characters).

Description: max 9950 bytes (approximately 9550 characters).

Thumbnails: recommended size is 1280x720.

I checked the announcement box but I don't see a post on my profile.

For personal profiles, the announcement post will not automatically appear on your timeline. The event will be created on the Facebook Events page.

To share it on your timeline, click the three dots under your event, copy the link, and post it on your profile.

Can I share a link to my event?

Yes. Click the channel icons under the created event, right-click "View on..." next to your Facebook channel, and copy the URL.

Can I edit or rename my event after it has been created?

Yes. Click the pencil icon on your event card and click Edit next to your Facebook channels to update them individually.

Can I reschedule my Facebook event through Restream?

Yes, click the pencil icon on your event card, update the date/time, and save.

Does deleting the event on Restream delete the post on Facebook too?

Deleting upcoming events on Restream will also delete the posts on Facebook.

Deleting finished events on Restream will not affect the streams and saved videos on Facebook.

💡 Want to stream to an event you already created on Facebook?

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