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Choose how to go live with Restream
Choose how to go live with Restream

Find the best setup and the easiest way to stream.

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There are many ways to go live with Restream. We'll help you decide between our built-in Studio, external streaming software, and scheduling recorded videos as live.

Restream Studio

Our virtual Studio runs directly from your browser. It's user-friendly and includes all you need for professional video production.

You don't need to download any software to get started. All you need is your camera and microphone. Easily customize your stream with graphics, video clips, presentations, guest stars, QR codes for live sales, and much more.

Streaming Encoders

Streaming encoders can be software or hardware solutions. They capture video and audio for your live streams. You can download and install them on your computer (software) or connect a physical box to your device (hardware).
Popular encoders include OBS, vMix, Wirecast, and Ecamm.

Connect your favorite encoder to Restream for simulcasting. Simply insert the RTMP details from Restream into your encoder. All your settings will save. There will be no extra load on your system or internet. But you'll likely get more viewers and chatters.

Pre-recorded Streams

With Restream, you can turn any recorded video into a live stream. It can be any edited video or a recording of your past live event. Schedule your videos for any time and date, and they will show up as live content on your followers' feeds. Plus, it all happens automatically, even if you're offline.

You can even play a series of videos as a single stream with our Playlists feature. It's a great setup for a "best of" series or a longer broadcast.
We automatically stitch your videos into a playlist, so no extra editing is needed.

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