Connect Ecamm Live to Restream

Learn how to set up and use Ecamm Live with Restream.

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Ecamm Live is a fully-featured broadcasting application for Mac that seamlessly integrates with Restream.

How to connect Ecamm Live to Restream

  1. Download Ecamm Live to your MacOS computer.

  2. Click the cogwheel icon on the main Ecamm broadcast view window.

  3. Click Destinations, Add New Destination, then click Additional Destinations and select Restream.

  4. Type in the email and password you use for your Restream account and click Login.

  5. You will be asked to grant Ecamm Live access to your Restream account. Click Allow.

  6. You're now ready to start streaming to Restream with Ecamm Live. You can either select an Event you have scheduled or go live straight away.

How to go live unscheduled

  1. Click New.

  2. Click + Add and select

  3. Click Go Live Now and start streaming.

How to go live to a Restream Event

  1. Click the Upcoming button.

  2. Select an event you have scheduled on Restream beforehand.

  3. Click Go Live to start streaming to that event.


  • Ecamm Live is only available for MacOS.

  • You can learn more about Ecamm's settings and preferences here.


Can I view chats from Restream on Ecamm?

Yes, Ecamm's Comments & Reactions section is integrated with Restream and will display any chat messages you receive on your platforms during your stream.

Monitoring your stream

Once you've initiated your broadcast via Ecamm, visit your Encoder page on Restream. Here, you can oversee your stream's performance, manage the channels you're streaming to, and keep an eye on viewer counts.

💡 Easily view all incoming chat messages in one place.

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