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Communicate with your audience without limits! Everything you need to know about Restream Chat: what it is and what the chat features are.

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Wondering how you can manage all incoming chats when streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously? Restream offers a chat application to help you manage the comments of all the support platforms at once!

In this article, we will cover:

Read & Reply

Restream Chat supports not only displaying user messages from end services in your chat but also the ability to reply to all chats or separately by platform. If you need to send a link or trigger your chatbot command, that is easily done from just one place!

Restream Chat — Read and Reply feature

Relay bot

This is one of the most amazing features offered! Relay bot allows you to enable relay mode between your channels on different streaming services. Now your viewers can communicate with each other without the need to leave their preferred service. Whenever a user delivers a message into the chat, our relay bot will specify a certain user nickname and duplicate the message across other streaming services. How cool is that?

Restream Chat — Reply Bot

Embed Chat

You can easily embed your chat to your stream in any encoder that supports a browser source. Embed display is fully customizable with ready-to-use templates, so take your time to make your embed look as neat as possible - be creative!

💡 It also supports Custom CSS in browser source options.

Restream Chat — Embed in your Stream


We gather your multi-chat analytics for you, so you will be able to get insights into what your community loves the most and a lot of insights about what's actually going on in your chats during your streams!

Analytics for Restream Chat

Supported Platforms

If you want to learn which services are supported in chat and what features are included, you can easily go into the Settings section of your Restream Chat.

Here you will find our chat-supported platforms, as well as a checklist of the chat functionalities that each one of them can accommodate.

Please note that API-dependent features like Chat will not work for Custom RTMP channels.

Desktop Application

Restream Chat also offers a desktop application that you can download and install on your PC or laptop to use as an application window. You can download it for Windows, Mac, or Linux here.

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