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Requirements for Pre-recorded Videos
Requirements for Pre-recorded Videos

Everything you need to know about video requirements for scheduling pre-recorded streams: video size, resolution, best parameters.

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Our users often ask what the best video settings for streaming pre-recorded videos are. The simple answer is; the ones that are required for you to deliver your content the way it means to be delivered in terms of production and quality.

We will divide the most important video requirements into mandatory and optional. Mandatory are the ones you will not be able to upload your video without and optional are the ones that provide smoother performance.


  • Video format - MP4, MOV, M4V or MKV

  • Encoding - H264

  • Audio codec - AAC

  • Keyframe - 2

  • Maximum Video size:
    500MB - Standard plan;
    2GB - Professional plan;
    5GB - Premium plan;
    10GB - Business plan.

  • Maximum Video Duration:
    30 minutes - Standard plan;
    1 hour - Professional plan;
    2 hours - Premium plan;
    4 hours - Business plan


  • Max video resolution - Full HD 1080p (1920x1080).

  • Video FPS - 30 or 60.

  • Rate control mode - CBR (since videos naturally tend to be formatted with VBR you will most likely need to re-encode it for a smoother experience).

  • Bitrate - depends on the platforms you stream to. Please check this article.

  • We recommend you add an additional 15-20 seconds in the beginning and end of your video (for example, an intro and outro screen) to avoid any critical parts being cut out. End platforms need some time to properly process your incoming stream.

You can use even videos of up to 4k in resolution but they will only work with the end streaming platforms that support such high resolutions.

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